Our Qualifications


William L. Bechtold

 Founder and Chairman of the Board

Bill is a retirement plan specialist who co-pioneered deferred compensation receiving the original IRS ruling for political subdivisions. He is noted for his creative accomplishments in the area of retirement plans for profit and tax exempt organizations. He was responsible for the design and marketing of the alternative program to Social Security and the pension change over from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution.


 Robert J. Bechtold - Investment Advisor Representative


Bob has 20 years experience within the investment field. Bob’s focus is on wealth management and retirement planning for individuals.  He has had extensive training with managed money and consulting services for institutions as well as high net worth individuals. 

Bob does not represent any single provider but works independently for his clients. Thereby they receive objective information and recommendations made with the client’s best interest in mind.  Robert develops innovative solutions for employees’ retirement needs.

Bob communicates to employees in a clear and concise manner in order for them to know how to access the benefits provided and fully appreciate the value of the plan.  Bob is a Investment Advisor Representive (IAR).

Our Dedicated Account Executives

W. L. Bechtold & Company’s practice concentrates on retirement plans 401Ks, 403bs, 457s, pension plans as well as the individual investor. Our account executives meet individually with your employees and provide expertise in plan funding management. We do not cross-sell insurance and investment products, we only provide individual services specific to your needs.

Our Communications Specialists

We will meet with you and your employees to provide you with clear cut information and communication programs to explain your new plans and to help your employees get the most out of their benefit package. 

W.L. Bechtold & Co. has a half century of experience in retirement plans.


All of us at WL Bechtold look forward to assisting you to meet your company and plan goals through our Comprehensive Retirement Solutions.