W.L. Bechtold & Company

For your company’s retirement benefit program,

our experience and service is the difference.

The management of your company’s 401(k) or 403(b) plans may not only impact your employees’ welfare and future, but the future and welfare of your company, too.  Should you stay with your current plan and provider? Or do you owe it to both your employees and your company to review other alternatives that could be of better benefit to all involved?

W.L. Bechtold’s innovative retirement solutions may be the answer you need, as it creates a unique, competitive advantage for your organization by:

•  Improving non-discrimination results

•  Rewarding targeted groups

•  Rewarding long term employees

•  Reducing costs while providing a better plan

•  Improving recruiting for mid-career hires

What can W.L. Bechtold do for you?  We …

•  Develop innovative solutions to your employees’ retirement needs;

•  Work independently for you, not for a single provider, so your best interests are our first priority;

•  Help you get more for each benefit dollar spent, containing costs while enhancing plan value;

•  Understand your community’s marketplace in addition to the national environment, so we can develop programs to match your locality and employees’ needs;

•  Serve the entire investment time horizon of your employees

•  Offer clear, concise employee communications that explain the value of the plan and make it easy to access;

•  Create a competitive advantage for your company, with meaningful benefits that will attract and keep employees (such as executive deferred compensation and bonus plans; 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans);

And at regular intervals, we meet on site with your employees to discuss their finances and retirement needs!